Success Stories

We are so very proud of each and every one of our members and want to share your inspiring success with the world!



I have been coming to Movimento for over a year, and I can’t believe I didn’t join sooner! Movimento has help me build up my confidence and I have never been as strong as I am now in my entire life! I actually have muscles and definition in my arms and the team has pushed me to do things I never thought I would be able to accomplish. The team is very supportive and everyone encourages each other to do the best they can – it feels like a fitness family! Not only have I become more physically active, I have changed my eating habits and have learned how to better lead a healthy lifestyle. I have tried other fitness facilities in the past, and have never been able to commit myself for longer than a couple months at most. With Movi, I actually look forward to my daily workouts, and each day is different! Thank you Movimento!


John – Lost 21 lbs

I can truly say that before Movimento I would never have said to anyone: “a training facility could change many things in my life”. The Movimento team has motivated me (not easy to do) through their energy, knowledge and kindness. I feel great and have tones more energy both physically and mentally. I am constantly telling everyone I meet about my fantastic experiences with the Movimento family and how much I am looking forward to my second year of training!


Kindra – Lost 19 lbs & 12 inches

In September of 2012 I saw an ad in the local St. Albert paper for a 30 day trial at Movimento Fitness and decided to give it a try. After the 1st session I was immediately hooked and have been coming ever since! The exercises at Movimento have challenged me to levels that I would have previously thought were beyond my capabilities. Each group training session focuses on a different workout method such as kickboxing, core or cardio and incorporates a wide and varying range of exercises. The Movimento trainers are amazing and focus on individuals to ensure correct form and maximum benefit. Their “can do” attitude is contagious and creates a drive to push your limits and reflects a genuine interest in you. There are many fitness facilities and weight loss options but only Movimento creates a fun environment and variety that makes you want to come back. Success guaranteed!


Natasha – Lost 78 lbs & 39 Inches


Greg – Lost 33 lbs & 23 Inches


Mary – Lost 33 lbs & 20 Inches


Wendy – Inspiring Transformation


Louise – Lost 18 lbs & 11 inches


Ray – Lost 15 lbs & 14 inches


Brad – Lost 36 lbs & 12 inches

Brad was the winner of the “St. Albert’s Biggest Winner 2014” largest individual 8 week transformation!


Christine – Lost 18 lbs & 13 inches

Christine was on the winning team for the “St. Albert’s Biggest Winner 2014” largest team 8 week transformation!


Angela – Lost 13 lbs & 8.5 inches

Angela was on the winning team for the “St. Albert’s Biggest Winner 2014” largest team 8 week transformation!


Sherry – Lost 11.6 lbs & 12 inches

Sherry was the winner of the top female transformation in the September 2014 “28 Day RESTART Challenge”!


Kevin – Lost 13 lbs & 8 inches

Kevin was the winner of the top male transformation in the September 2014 “28 Day RESTART Challenge”!


Jen – Lost 17 lbs & 11.5 inches


Corey – Lost 38 lbs

At the beginning of 2013 I lost 38 lbs in a short 10 week period! Yes it was a lot of hard work and required my focused dedication to achieve these results nonetheless, I couldn’t have done it without the coaching and encouragement from the staff at Movimento Fitness. I had been a member of Movimento for just over a year and throughout this time I had seen results, however in the New Year I began to strictly follow the Movimento nutrition coaching, along with attending group sessions 4 to 5 times per week, and I truly experienced amazing results! I would like to thank the team at Movimento for their relentless encouragement and coaching in helping guide me through this lifestyle change!


Darlene – Lost 20 lbs & 15 inches

I was introduced to Movimento Fitness early this spring by my daughter and I am totally loving it! The trainers are all super-friendly and supportive while consistently motivating and challenging me to do more. It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself; I can’t believe it took me this many years to figure out that proper eating habits and working out three times a week is really the only way to get fit and stay in shape!


Tyler – Lost 48 lbs & 25 Inches

I don’t want to start off with a cliché statement like “Movimento has really changed my life” but that’s all I can really think of. But then I realized, Movimento hasn’t changed my life, I have. That’s what the team has taught me. A life style change isn’t easy, Juan and the team will provide you with a ton of guidance (and a kick in the butt when required) but ultimately it is all up to you. Movimento isn’t just about working out; it’s about fitness and your lifestyle. I’ve learned so much about nutrition because the team is always willing to spend that extra time to discuss any questions I might have. Thank you to everyone at Movimento, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Tracy – Lost 30 lbs

I started with Movimento in December of 2011 after having a baby the past summer. I was feeling awful about myself and wanted to do something to change. I started with an eight week challenge and I lost 10 inches and 12 pounds! Fast forward to 3 years later and I am in better shape than I was even in high school having lost over 30lbs! I feel good about myself and I’m getting compliments on how much I have changed. Movimento is such a motivational place to be I’m thrilled!


Jesse – Lost 28 lbs

I broke my back in a Skydiving accident and I had tried numerous gyms and trainers to try to regain strength and get back in shape. After 3 months with Movimento Fitness and I felt better than I have in years! I lost 28 pounds, regained strength, and began to enjoy an active life as I used to. Can’t thank Juan and Movimento enough! Now four years later I am still coming multiple times a week and LOVE IT!


Theresa – Lost 11 lbs & 7 inches

I am so glad to have joined Movimento last October. After a year of slacking, their Kick Start program was just what I needed to get back on track. Juan’s approach to a lifestyle of exercise and sensible, clean eating is reasonable and realistic. He has made it so simple, you hardly have to think about it, just do it!The team is knowledgeable and upbeat and keep me motivated and wanting to come to class every day. They continually shake up the workout plan, keeping it fresh and fun. Not only have I lost weight, but I feel healthier and stronger, and have more energy at the end of the day. Thanks Movimento!



My daughter and I joined Movimento in May 2012 after meeting Juan at the Spring Trade Show. I had already started working on changing my eating habits but still needed the fitness aspect for a healthier lifestyle. Since joining, I have noticed many changes from toning to building strength and endurance. I really enjoy going (try to go at least five times a week) and the trainers are all wonderful. They are very motivational, helpful and are always keeping an eye on us making sure we are doing the exercise correctly and preventing us from any injuries. They also include stretching and mobility exercises as an important element in working out.

When our family went on vacation last summer, we did a lot of hiking. The true sign that I had improved by leaps and bounds with my endurance is when we were hiking in the crater on Maui and for the first time ever, I was not the one trailing way behind (my husband was). I felt great and proud of my ability to do well thanks to my group workouts and trainers at Movimento!! I look forward to many more kick butt workouts.



Finding Movimento was more than just participating in an exercise class or joining group fitness. I found a cohesive, fun loving, knowledgeable community focused group of trainers motivated to encourage and support me in my fitness endeavors. I have always been active in the St.Albert community, whether it’s been on the rugby field, in the gym or running down in the River Valley Trails. Movimento gave me the opportunity to boost my level of training in a functional and effective way, while providing me with all the support necessary to reach my goals. As a Physical Therapist in St. Albert and partner at Leading Edge Physiotherapy, a pleasant surprise at Movimento was the emphasis on functional movement and safe effective performance of exercise. The team at Movi provides me with an effective, fun, and challenging workout while making me feel as part of an awesome fitness community!



I originally joined Movimento 3 years ago because I needed help to regain strength in my leg after a ruptured Achilles injury. Losing all strength and mobility in my leg left me feeling very frustrated and discouraged. Simple things like walking became difficult. I had tried numerous gyms but realized I needed a trainer with the necessary knowledge to help facilitate a proper recovery.

Through the personal and group training sessions I have fully recovered. I am accomplishing so much more than I ever expected. Not only physically but also emotionally; I am more confident now than I have been in years! After a stressful day at work, one training session at Movimento allows me to go home with a clear mind. This all wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support and encouragement at Movimento. Many thanks to Juan and his staff! I highly recommend Movimento to anyone, whatever your goal; whether it’s getting in shape, losing weight, or coming back from injury Movimento can help!



I’m sure you have heard the old saying,”Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Well, this rang true for me the day I met Juan Medrano, the owner of Movimento Fitness. My daughter who is concerned about me, arranged an introductory session with Juan to discuss my fitness..or lack thereof. As I waited for our meeting, I observed one of his classes in progress and I thought to myself, “This is definitely not for me…it’s too hard.” When we met I was won over, not only by Juan’s warm, friendly smile and positive attitude, but I realized that he cared about my health as an individual. Three days later I began my individualized program with exercises that I WAS able to do in a time compatible manner with my personal level of physical fitness. Juan was there by my side every step of the way to ensure that I was doing them correctly. His encouragement certainly gave me self-confidence and I saw that my goal of becoming a healthier person definitely IS attainable. In addition to an exercise regime, Juan went over my eating habits and made a number of suggestions regarding WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat.

Fast forward to a year later and I am still eager to attend my sessions at MOVIMENTO FITNESS!!!!! I am so much more physically fit since this time last year. My blood pressure is now controlled with exercise and proper diet. My latest accomplishment, thanks to Juan and his continuing education and interest, is that I can squeeze the cover of the Listerine bottle and open it by MYSELF. For those of you who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you know that IS a big deal. After doing this latest type of exercises with Juan, I don’t have to manually bend or straighten my fingers when I wake in the morning. Also these stretching exercises have improved my hip function so now if I sit for an extended period of time I can stand up and walk without hobbling around for twenty minutes first. Next on my list of things to conquer is to improve my mental acuity so I can focus on what I am doing and not be distracted …….this may be Juan’s greatest challenge of all….but I am sure he will rise to the occasion and earn the title of Miracle Worker!!

So I have come from being ” Queen of the Couch Potatoes” to “Woman in Motion”. Thank you, Juan Medrano, you are not only my instructor and mentor, but also my life-saver!! Try MOVIMENTO FITNESS for both outer and inner physical improvement as well as emotional happiness at your success!



I first became familiar with Movimento when my wife (Kindra) started attending the group training sessions in September of 2012. Early in her participation at the gym she was ranting the praises of the exercises and how much truly better she felt. Within 60 days the results were obvious. She suggested numerous times to our son Cody that he should attend the gym as part of his physical therapy. Cody was born with vertical talus, a condition that has caused several surgeries on his foot as well as some early onset arthritis. Cody was reluctant to attend by himself and “pressured” me into attending with him in January of 2013.

Truthfully……I was skeptical as to the benefits I would obtain from the gym. I have been an avid runner for 15 plus years and have participated in many events including Marathons and five years of the Death Race in Grande Cache. I also had a “self directed” weight lifting regime which I completed a minimum of 3x per week. Skeptical, but with the idea of helping my son out…..I embarked on my training with Movimento. To my surprise I discovered that I could run and was reasonably strong but had little muscle endurance and did most exercises incorrectly reducing the benefit. The Team at Movimento is phenomenal on ensuring correct posture and form as well as individualized attention within the group setting. (I seem to require a lot of this!) The variety in training methods such as kick boxing, cardio, core and strength and the ever changing exercises within each make each day new and exciting. I actually look forward to going to the gym and challenging myself with something new!

In the ten months I have been training with Movimento……I have lost ten pounds, increased all muscle endurance and vastly improved my flexibility. I have experienced a vast improvement in my golf game, downhill skiing and water skiing. The trainers at Movimento truly care about you and your training experience as well as making it fun and different. Best training experience……anywhere!


When I first started going to Movimento I was quite happy being a couch potato and has no desire to be exercising. I had also had major surgery on one of my feet about 10 months prior and was still finding it hard to even walk, never-mind partake in a workout. With Movimento I actually enjoy working out and my foot has gone from hurting so badly that walking was a painful task, to barley hurting at all. Overall I have had a phenomenal experience with Movimento since joining in January of 2013. Another area I have noticed vast improvement in is my ability to when waterskiing. The lack of pain and increased strength in my foot has greatly improved my waterskiing skills as well as downhill skiing ability, especially through moguls. Movimento is a completely different workout experience then I would have expected, in a very positive way!



I had tried them all…DVD’s, gym memberships, drop-in classes, bootcamps & home gyms. It always ended the same with me getting board of the routine and quitting. Fall of 2012 I signed up for a one month intro to Movimento with a goal to attend sessions five days a week to take full advantage of my one month membership. I’m both proud and happy to day that over a year later I’m still here 5 days a week and couldn’t imagine not being a part of the Movimento team. The sessions are challenging, the trainers are motivating and the atmosphere is contagious. My day starts at 5:45am with other faithful morning members and I LOVE IT!! I’m NOT a morning person so that’s testament enough!! There is a real family/team feel to Movimento which keeps me coming back day after day. Juan has built a team of trainers that make you feel welcome, make you want to come day after day and make you want to BE STRONG!! With a smile every time you walk through their door, you can’t help but want to be a part of this great atmosphere. I’ve lost inches and gained strength… lost pounds and gained confidence. Thank you Movimento for making me feel strong again! Love you guys!!



I started to learn the true spirit of fitness by joining MOVIMENTO and training with the amazing, incredible, outstanding, personable, dedicated, funny, supportive group of trainers….EVER! I am receiving instructions on proper form, what to do and what NOT to do, while reminding me to relax and breath! The MOVI trainers know when to give you an extra moment to rest up, but then they are right back on track saying “lets go” ” you can do it” and ” your almost there, stay with it”. I pretty much plan my life around MOVI… okay weird… but you only know what I mean when you try it. It’s a choice to exercise and I accept I have to dedicate some time to get the results I want. If I feel like I’m 15 after only 6 months I won’t be able to drive by later next year!

Where do I go from here? I was able to finish the Spartan Sprint, Super & Beast. Also a Mud Hero in between the Spartan Races. I have some medals, lots of memories and proof that 45 minutes a day consistently can take you as far as you want to go.

Next year’s goal is biking 200 km through the mountains in two days. I am really surprising myself, as I listen to what excites my heart and then I jump at the chance to do it. I now trust in my body as I trust in each trainers instruction. I can reach any goal, I just have to want it! It has been such a boost to my confidence and self esteem to receive encouraging words from MOVI. I now focus to share encouraging words with my kids and encourage myself. My kids encourage me to get to class and do another race or race them!

Throw in some LAUGHTER and you have an awesome protein shake! I truly have so much THANKS to give to the Movi trainers and Juan. You each give something special to every class. I arrive with Don King hair and leave with wet tresses because you keep me moving. MOVIMENTO is the real deal! Do it because you CAN!



I have been a client of Movimento Fitness since August 2011. I have worked with Juan as my personal trainer from the beginning and was very impressed with the time that he took to discuss my personal goals and the knowledge he has proper training to reach these goals. My profession keeps me on a busy schedule and does not afford me a lot of time to make it to Movimento Fitness on a regular basis, with this in mind Juan has tailored a program that I can use while away from the city. Juan does a great job of changing up my workout routines and encouraging me to push myself at a safe pace which keeps me motivated during, and after, our training sessions. By working out and changing my eating habits as suggested by Juan I have transformed my body and noticed the changes in my energy levels. I could go on and on about how appreciative I am of Movimento Fitness and Juan for all they have done and continue to do for me.

I would highly recommend anyone that is SERIOUS about getting into shape to drop in and meet Juan and his staff to discuss the changes they can make for you!!



Before meeting Juan and his team, I had tried many, many diets. All of them left me temporarily thin and feeling weak. But, like all the women around me I thought this was the way to go and my failure to maintain my weight loss was my weakness.

At Movimento, I learned some very important lessons. One that nutrition is the key to any successful fitness program. The way we learn to eat on a diet however, is very different from the Movimento philosophy. I now eat in a way that never leaves me feeling hungry and my crazy 3:00 craving for chocolates/chips is gone!! Secondly, the way I was exercising was not getting me the results I wanted. In a matter of just six weeks, I now feel strong and look more lean. My body image has changed significantly and the progress has given me a huge boost in confidence. I finish every workout feeling a sense of accomplishment, and a bit of surprise at what my body is capable of!



After non-regrettably focusing on supporting the sports activities of my sons over the past several years, I felt it was time to build some dedicated fitness time back into my life. I was very pleased to learn about the personal and group training opportunities and convenient location of Movimento Fitness through its impressive website. I would highly recommend Movimento Fitness to anyone serious about making a sincere effort to improve their overall fitness and well-being. The members of the Movimento team are passionate about what they do and have the genuine interest of their clients at heart. They have pushed me to do my best and have influenced very positive changes to my nutrition and sleep. I feel good about my progress and always look forward to the next trip to the gym!



Movimento has been really great for me cause I took about a two year hiatus after a knee injury, where I didn’t do anything except put on weight. I am seeing results already, my knee has been great, and they have been looking out for me. The individual attention they give me here is just awesome! Rebecca has lost over 20lbs and many inches in the last 5 months!



I am a very busy, 38 year old mother of 6 with my own business. Finding time and keeping motivated to work out to stay in shape was very difficult for me. I started working out at Movimento in May and I am loving it! I’ve lost 21 pounds and over 20 inches. I feel more energetic than I have in years. I would recommend Movimento highly to anyone who wants to get in shape, loose weight, and feel healthier!



I’ve been a member at Movimento for a year and a half and have been enjoying it ever since. The culture at Movimento is supportive and positive. Juan and the team are knowledgeable in terms of technique and encouraging but at the same time not afraid to challenge you during class. Movimento keeps the exercises dynamic and regularly introduces new techniques and exercises to help your body function better. Whether you’re a very active person or someone who wants to introduce some physical activity in their lifestyle, I highly recommend Movimento because of the encouraging culture and their dedication to their members.



I joined Movimento in May of 2012 and I can happily say I am still going strong and working out at least four days a week with them. The variety of exercises and movements we work on is a great way to keep things fresh and exciting, and keep us on our toes. The trainers are all very upbeat and encouraging and they always make sure we are doing the exercises right to avoid injury and reap the all of the benefits from each exercise. I have noticed myself becoming much more toned and gaining muscle in places I have never had before, which really makes the workouts worth it, and I can definitely seeing myself staying here for a long time!



I joined Movimento in the fall of 2011. I had received one of those email coupons and what intrigued me was not only attending fitness sessions but also getting nutritional counseling (which was something I was looking for). I was an active person and I didn’t think I was really out of shape but I knew I needed some tuning up. Checking into the place, I found out that I could attend early morning classes which fit nicely into my busy schedule. I started going three days a week and really enjoyed it. I now go daily and miss it if I can’t make a class. Two years later and I’m still getting there for 5:45 am. The sessions vary daily and keep you moving. Juan has taught me some interesting facts about nutrition and I am trying to make some positive changes in my eating habits. Over the last year I have lost about 15 pounds and better yet – my clothes don’t fit! I have received many positive comments from family and friends. Thanks Juan, Karolina and the rest of the staff for the fun atmosphere, the effort you put in and how you care about helping us meet our goals!



I have been one of those people that has tried numerous crash diets and joined gym after gym just to stop going after the first month. I tried Movimento Fitness on a month trial figuring I would probably just quit like I always did. After the first week I realized that this was going to be different then all the other places that I had tried and failed at. Here you work out with a small group of people and with trainers who are hands on and available at all times!! They are supportive and motivational and most importantly class is fun. There is always someone there to show you the proper techniques or to help you modify an exercise to your skill level without every making you feel like you are a burden.

I never thought that I would be the kind of person that would crave going to the gym or be upset if I missed a few classes in a row but I am that person now. I have more energy, more confidence and I finally feel good about myself! I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement from the staff at Movimento Fitness and I am so grateful to be a part of this family. Thank you!



I’ve been enjoying Movimento for about 6 months now and I really have no clue what I was doing before but I know it sucked compared to this! I don’t know how many pounds I’ve shed or how many inches I’ve lost, I just know know that for once I’m excited to work out! Juan, Tonya, Kari and the rest of the team have been beyond motivating, for once I don’t make excuses to get to the studio an I’m bummed when I miss a training session. I can’t thank these team of motivating staff enough for the confidence I’ve built and for the fun and banter each day. I’m the most fit I have ever been and I’m pushing cars, flipping tires and taking names like nobody’s business! If you’re not here, where are you? Don’t waste your time somewhere else!



I have been training at Movimento for 3+ years and it has been a very positive experience all along. I started training to lose some weight, get more toned, have more energy and have some “me” time. The entire team has been awesome in helping to keep me motivated, changing things up on a regular basis to prevent boredom, and adapting exercises to deal with any injuries and limitations. They always provide very individual feedback and attention, are always very encouraging, and help me to go further and push harder than I thought I could. With a very busy life, it is sometimes hard to find the time and motivation to work out, but at the end of the workouts I am ALWAYS glad I came and belong to this awesome fitness community!



I would never have guessed a year ago, discussing with a neighbor and close friend about our weight and how physically and mentally bad we were both feeling that I would be here. Ecstatic to share where I am at today! Personally working out had become a powerful form of therapy and a powerful release. Over the year I have developed determination, discipline and perseverance, ultimately committing myself to exceed personal goals and embarrassing a healthier lifestyle. None of which would have been possible without the whole team with whom are skilled, thoughtful, sensible and truly make me feel as a family every time I step through the door.

In life, there are many investments that you take and wonder if it is worth it in the end, I can say very confidently that being here at Movimento, the trainers, the environment, and the supportive community of members in my life, this has been the best investment ever.



I have enjoyed my adventure with Movimento, they have pushed me both physically and nutritionally. I am stronger, healthier and know that there are “no tricks” just working hard and eating right. There is nothing like the the feeling you get after a hard workout!! Karolina, Thank you for every “you can do it”!


I have always struggled to gain weight but with the excellent nutritional advice and one on one personal training I was able to put on 10 lbs of solid muscle in 6 weeks. The training staff worked around my busy schedule and helped me prepare for my firefighting physical exam. Well 3 months later, I’m very proud to say that I passed my physical exam with flying colors and I’m now on my path to becoming a firefighter. Thanks to the team at Movimento for helping me make my dream a reality!



I came to Movimento for a consultation at the insistence of my wife, who was a dedicated Movi member. The warm, positive atmosphere was striking from the very beginning. Previous gym memberships and home gym efforts predictably led to sporadic compliance and inefficient/improper training techniques. I took the plunge with a new way of training (for me) and now I love this place and can’t stop!
My primary goals of increased strength and cardiovascular fitness are measurable in the first 3 months. I can push greater weight, and against greater resistance for longer periods by a mile. There is absolutely no way I could have accomplished all this in my own, guaranteed. After initially being resistant to trying something different, Movimento is now “stuck” with me!


I had a chance to train with Movimento in the summer of 2013 for a short period of 2 months, I was visiting family and I needed a place to continue training while I was here. I have always been a very active person growing up involved in competitive sports in Vancouver, and never had I been able to see my full potential until I was here. I can write a novel about the guidance and coaching I got at this place, instead I will leave you with this; If you are the type of person who does not follow instructions very well, you want to do things your own way and make excuses for almost anything, this is not your place. However if you are the type of person who is looking for guidance, willing to learn and are ready to embrace change, this place will change every aspect in your life!


I joined Movimento to get stronger after the birth of our daughter, and boy did I ever! Things I can do again after 3 months with Movimento: straight sit ups, jump squats, kettle-bell swings 13kg, touch my toes, balance on one leg, make it through 45 minutes of circuit training without dizziness or nausea… and often getting to the end of a workout wanting more!

How my lifestyle has changed because of your guidance:
I get enough protein now! I didn’t even know it was low, to be honest (and my iron count has NEVER been higher… I seriously flew through my last blood donation). I even make my own protein bars now, and my husband has to drink my experimental shakes! I understand and pay attention to glycemic index now and have been able to decrease my wheat and sugar intake dramatically. I now know how to cook… and say… quinoa. I can take long walks without hip and butt pain now. I feel strong enough and flexible enough now to get back into hockey, swimming and running. I can wear heels again too! I will definitely recommend Movimento to others!


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